Founded in 2009, the Edinburgh Orchestral Ensemble is a mixture of musicians from all walks of life - including students and professionals - who are dedicated to making music to the highest possible standard.

We enjoy collaborating with choirs and soloists and have regular opportunities to perform with musicians of international standard, such as the violin virtuoso Xuan Du, Concertmaster of the Symphony Orchestra of the National Opera House of China in Beijing. We pride ourselve on giving talented musicians the opportunity to play with a full size orchestra; we recently performed with students from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, for instance.

We are a 40-50 piece orchestra at concerts, with fewer musicians at rehearsals. This means new members are able to get to know everyone in the orchestra after just a few weeks.

We are a very friendly group and from time to time, some of us head to the pub after rehearsals. We also organise meals out once or twice a year. Members are most welcome to suggest or organise other events.

Most members will play throughout the year but some may wish to be involved in a limited number of 'projects' for shorter periods.


We recruit all year round - there are always vacancies for string and brass players - and musicians who want to be involved are welcome to contact us. We are also currently looking for an extra bassoon player, timpani/percussion with their instrument and a harp player.

We do not hold auditions: we prefer to give you the opportunity to join us for a few rehearsals and see for yourself if our orchestra is the right fit for you.

Rehearsals take place on Monday evenings, in the beautiful surroundings of the Edinburgh Society of Musicians. The recital room where we practise features two Steinway B concert grand pianos.

Edinburgh Society of Musicians
3 Belford Road
Edinburgh, EH4 3BL

Monday evenings, 7.30 pm to 9.45 pm




Note: The above photograph was taken during the first perforamance of the Edinburgh Orchestral Ensemble in November 2009.